23 April 2008


...on Monday i made the decision that i me and my camera must become as one as i was missing photo opportunities. i missed a Scottish marching band on Sunday while i was on my way to find acrylic spray and taking photos with the mobile phone is not on. first thing on Monday my decision was justified as a little robin came into the print room! now my witness account may be biased due to my current line of illustration work. he came in to the main print room whilst we were in the tea room. he swiftly looked around to check out the merchandise but he got caught out as he thought he was on his own. he then tried to fool us by looking like he was lost and started to ask us for directions. we kept telling him where the windows were but he still continued to fly around to see if there was anything of value he could lift. after a while he made his escape through a sky light. i know what his face looks like now as he wasn't wearing a mask. so beware the robber bird.

ps. my robber bird print was selected to be part of the artlab group exhibition of which the private view is tomorrow. i haven't been in an exhibition for a over a year now and so am very excited to see it alongside other people's work. i will of course be taking my camera.


natural attrill said...

Well done for having your print selected for the exhibition Deb!

Inspector Marmalade said...

he'd must have been listening for ages at the printroom door to you talking about robin's stealing buttons