20 April 2008

lee ford...

...came to our university on Thursday last week and did a talk about his work. he also did a 'zine workshop with us students in the afternoon and even joined us in the pub for the second drink and draw session. above is one of lee's silkscreen christmas prints-we did a swap and he now has one of my embossed robber bird prints. lee ford is one of the original members of Black Convoy who are an illustration collective. he has created many editorial illustrations and has been in various exhibitions and shows. he is also a fellow printmaker! yay! please go check out more about him and his work over here on his blog.

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moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Drink and Draw was very fun- just doodling with friends socialising:D
That Lee Ford was a cool guy too,
A nice print he gave you- fellow print-makers uniting & exchanging
a fun day indeed i say^-^