15 April 2008

drink and draw...

...a very simple idea. i took part in the first Preston drink and draw meet up last Thursday. i ain't sure what to write about drink and draw as i don't know very much about it as it was Craig's idea but it was a very good evening of drawing and very slow cider drinking. doodling in different surroundings is very oddly relaxing and fun. i drew for quite a few hours. we had about five different sheets of paper floating between two tables which we swapped and changed to draw on other people's drawings. above are some sections that i have cropped out from the originals. i didn't want to upload the full big images as they would be compromised by the small space you upload the images to.

1 comment:

natural attrill said...

Great idea!
It's interesting working on the same piece with other people, I have done a few pieces like that, sometimes liking, sometimes not liking what other people have done, and strange feeling when drawing ontop of other peoples work and visa versa.
Sounds like a good idea to have a few drinks at the same time!
I really like the top image with the womans head.