23 April 2008

bit of a history lesson...

...might not look like stephen fry but i did try. i drew him this evening while i used the technology of today to learn more about the technology of yesterday. as part of my dissertation my main area of research was about the print revolution which began with Gutenberg's invention of the movable type press. so on the bbc iplayer there is a sixty minute programme of which mister Stephen Fry goes on a journey to discover the history of how, what, why, where and when with regards to Gutenberg's creation. with the help of two print enthusiasts, they go as far as making a replica printing press from wood and print a page or so to replicate Gutenberg's bible which caused a storm in the mid fifteenth when he unveiled it at an important trade fair. it is available to watch for the next five days and if needs be if you download it you can keep it to watch for thirty odd days. by the way i am not advertising or endorsing the BBC but just thought i would share a link. i think i am off to sleep as my imagination is very tired at the moment and needs a rest as i have been trying to draw pages for my book but nothing seemed to flow or work except hand written text. even then i didn't know what words to draw. i am not worrying too much as i believe i will be hit by a burst of ideas tomorrow. maybe around 11.24am.


Catherine said...

I hope you got a good sleep and the ideas lined up nice and neatly overnight :)
Cheeky Mr Robin, I hope he didn't steal anything! We had a robin that used to come into our studio at college, I think they're naturally drawn towards Illustrators (um...no pun intended!)

Jennie said...

Hi Lady Snail,

How's everything? I have been run off my feeeeet!!!

I like your Robin photo - ahhh! I have taken photographs of wildlife from time to time and I think my favourite were the birds of prey - I took some panning shots as they flew past me and a couple of the photos were clear - still feathers, mid-air etc which was really ace as I don't regard myself as a photographer, but it is always always worth having a camera around.

... also, the printing press sounds very interesting.

Take care,

All best,