30 April 2008

as long as a piece of string...

...at the moment i am trying to tie up little loose ends and am forming some kind of action plan for the rest of the week. i have been in the print room for two days solid and i feel i need a break and some fresh air. i have been doing an edition print run of the robber bird and all the cafe characters. i have done sixteen prints so am thinking maybe i will do a run of twenty five in total. editions are best done when the surrounding atmosphere is cool as the printing paint doesn't like to play when the weather is warm. i have also randomly screen printed onto about 200 postcards and also printed onto a t-shirt as Craig requested a print of the robber bird and button. you can see a photo of it here. t-shirts are another thing that i am thinking of doing but for the moment it will be added to to-do list. i have also managed to get my hands onto some nice calico bags and have some cotton ones on the way in the post. i am playing on potatochop at the moment as i am trying out the ceramics paper tomorrow if i can find a laser copier. oh yeah! above are three postcards that i have just scanned in to show and tell.

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