15 March 2008

paper and pencil crayons...

...i have been colouring in a couple of the screen prints i did the other day. this one is Craig's purple colour which he kindly let me use to print onto some pastel paper. i think the purple outline looks good as it is not black and the paper really works well with the pencil crayon. i think i have tapped into some kind of style of working. i hate that word style though. i know for definite that i would love to be able to produce my illustration work via screen printing after uni. it makes me smile and i feel a lot better compared to last week. i like the whole method and production of creating a screen and the physical way of producing work. someone had the bright idea of me screen printing a limited edition run of the weasel teashop design-just the green outline one that can be seen in the previous post. bright idea? bright idea of hard work more like. we decided to go for twenty five prints but in the end i settled on twenty as it was hard work and very expensive to keep buying paper as i made a few mistakes along the way. i do have to say that i can imagine that the screen print will look amazing when it is all packaged up. i am thinking i may do a limited edition run of the purple design with it pencil crayoned in. maybe ten of that will do. my right shoulder and arm are sore today after a week of screen printing everyday so i am having a bit of a rest today. plus it is a Saturday so i think i am allowed.

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