22 March 2008

a day out...

...yesterday i went to the imperial war museum in the north with John and Lu Shin. It is in Manchester's trafford park area and walking distance from the Lowry museum. it was a very cold and windy day but it was very nice to get out and do something with our day. there was also a special exhibition on about George Rodger and his war photographs. i would really recommend going to see it and the museum as it is excellent. i found it all really interesting as i was disappointed that we were not taught much about the wars at school. we also went to the Lowry but the actual L.S. Lowry bit was closed off. check out the link to find out more information about the imperial war museum as i am not very good at explaining things.



Deux Anges said...

Wow! That was quick, we were only there yesterday.

By the way, I think it's spelt "Lowry".

Lu Shin

ladysnail said...

i like to update lu shin! the spell checker changed it to lowery from lowry. i thought it was wrong. have changed it back now. dx.

Alice The Pixie Alien said...

Oooh Amazing architecture by Daniel Liberskind (sp?!?) I based my final collection at college on these buildings!! It was unisex!! Maybe I'll show you the photo's oneday if I don't die of embaressment first!! x x