12 February 2008

zoomed in...
...a bit so you can see the texture of how the ink has printed out the letters. if you would like to see it all in more detail just click on the image. ta. i had to make this extra post as the previous one refused to let me upload two pictures. poo. after i printed out the rain poem by spike milligan on friday, i then printed out alphabets or what i could make up as an alphabet from the various font drawers. some of the fonts are in different sizes as well. there are many drawers of metal letters to print from. some are a wee bit small to print from and sort out. i played all day and it was very tiring but i did enjoy doing the work and it wasnt really like doing work. it was like exploring and now i have a pile of prints to play with and draw from. i would like to print out whole poems but it is very time consuming way of working and the man who writes the calendar refuses to put an extra day into the week for me.

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