28 February 2008

slow doodles...
...staying true to my pen name of ladysnail. i am fair working slow. i think i need to work on a treadmill or something to start to learn more about how to work faster. these are some doodles from last Friday that i did with Biro, various difficult coloured pencil crayons and dip pen. everything is a bit backwards and forwards at the moment. i am finding it hard to switch off from one project to switch onto another. the yellowish looking hens and plant pot houses are in fact some kind of light green colour but the scanner was being a bit stubborn with doing its job.


RogerHaus said...

Hei! Great Blog!
I like so much your style!
These two illustrations are really good.
Cheers from Barcelona ^_^'

natural attrill said...

Lovely doodles Deb. I like the idea of the plant pot holders. The top one would be a good kids fabric.

Catherine said...

They're great :) The plant pot houses are a really nice touch.

RogerHaus said...

I dont know if your name inspirate me, maybe yes.
I think my new illustration likes you ladySnyle!!!

Amy Butler said...

I really love these drawings especially the rain and watering cans! lovely