03 February 2008

scribble with the squid...

...it is a long story as to why i have drawn a squid. the bottom line is that we, we being us third year illustration students, have decided to call our degree show 'squid inc 08'. for promotional material and that. we each have to draw a squid and so here is mine. i am going to play around with some colour on acetate tomorrow to see what he looks like. i started by getting some photocopies of squids from a book at the library for reference as my squids looked a bit odd the other day when i tried drawing them. i did a few quick sketches in the A4 lined book and then i did a proper pencil drawing using the fab tracing box that is my desklamp and a glass shelf from a fridge! it is the best light box in the world. i had several options in the end, one with an eye patch, one with an eyepatch and a moustache, one with a monobrow or one with a chef's hat. in the end i went for the eye patch. i then painted the outline in black acrylic paint and aye i could have just done it in felt tip but i felt like i had to do it properly from the word go as i plan to make some in calico like i did with the teeth. so all in all i have it done all proper and correct for all things.


natural attrill said...

Oh how funny, Toby and his friends are into squids, he made various coloured squid zippers, and his friend made squid pendants. What a coincidence!
Hope all is well for you D.

clare said...

Looking forward to seeing how he shapes up, Ladysnail, especially the calico one : )

Thanks for encouragement about Sleeping Beauty, too