12 February 2008

more milligan humour...

.... i was so excited when i first read this poem. i really like drawing rain. small rain. big fat rain. slanty rain. big wet blobs of rain. rain from all angles rain. blue rain. grey miserable rain. rain that is so pretty that one day i am going to dare myself to go and sit outside in it. aye so on friday i went to play in the printroom with the metal letter type things and the letter press. i have used the letters before and it was fun to get to grips with it more and play. the print room is another favourite place of mine. it still amazes me how you can start with one simple idea in there and then before you know it you have several different experiments on the go or summat and loads of work that you have made in a day without thinking about it and complicating it. i first started by printing out this little poem, one of the forty odd that i have chosen to work with. i will have to remember to go and take some pictures of the printroom for a show and tell. a show and tell post of my favourite places. aye so i printed out each sentence on its own as it is bit easier to do that what with my limited knowledge of this letterpress technology. i then pieced it together on the computer.


Catherine said...

Brilliant poem :D
I've never got to grips with printmaking or letterpress...I know about leading and thats about it!
I love the grainy quality you get with the variation in ink :)

Catherine said...

Great poem :D
I've never got to grips with letterpress (I know about leading and thats about it!)
There's a lovely grainy effect you only get with printmaking.

Draw-a-rama said...


some really delightful rain drops!

natural attrill said...

Milligan is great isnt he - love the poem and the lettering looks fab!