05 February 2008

many crosses...
...over the weekend i decided to get stuck in to the new project by doing a few stitches of one the poems i have chosen. it did take me a lot of time, about a day and three quarters but it helped me do some kind of work without thinking it was work and it was also relaxing to sit there and watch pap on the telly. i need to stay calm and focused without going off on a tangent. i also went to play in the library again yesterday and armed with some very helpful suggestions i got some further research about illustrators and poems. the illustrated collection is a place in the library where i need to go and play for a few hours wearing them white cotton-y gloves. so i am off to make an appointment today.
also just to add-i am changing the squid. he will be wearing some kind of military/uniform head dress or some form of head gear as he looks rude no matter how many times i try otherwise to make him not look rude. i thought i was happy with him but he defo needs changing.


natural attrill said...

I love the way the wording wiggles and the change in depth of colour of the letters. As always i am amazed at your neatness and attention to detail. Lovely stuff!!

Catherine said...

Fab cross stitch :D
I'm glad its not just me having a rude brain regarding the squid!
They all look like that though.

Pea said...

Loving this cross stitch Ladysnail! Your work is great and really suits this little poem x

Allan said...

Very Cool !! I love Spike and I love this!
I like the wriggly type too... It's a very nice touch.