08 February 2008

i am a proper squid...

...though he may look like an octopus he is in fact a squid. he wears a pirate outfit as the other squids pick on him as he has a funny shaped head. he has alot of different bandanas but at the moment he likes to wear polka dotted ones. i am planning to print this little guy out on good old calico and might even re-open the etsy shop. the last few days have been difficult. i seem to have sorted out a plan for the nest couple of days to get back on track with the poem project. me and the photocopiers in the library will be on first name terms soon as i spend alot of time in there photocopying stuff. plus the library has a very calming atmosphere and i like to hide in between the big tall book shelves. i have photocopied about forty poems and cut them all out to stick in the sketchbook so here's to random doodling and whatever over the next couple of days. they are mainly about animals or by spike milligan or about things that i like to draw like rain.

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