14 February 2008

celebrating chinese new year...
...at the weekend i went to chinatown in manchester with john and lu shin. i took some photographs of the celebrations. the area was full of people and we just missed the dragon parade. we went back in the evening to watch the fireworks of which i took over four hundred photos. i really should have taken the tripod with me but next time i will know better.


natural attrill said...

Wow! - those firework photo's are fab. I really like Chinatown in Manchester, some interesting shops there.

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

look tha fist photo says 'Andy Land!' muhaha next time im nback in manchester I'll have to claim it as my own*swirls evil mustcahe^-^ (Candy land rather)

Some really nice photos Debbie, especially love the 3rd with the neon lights fading into the shadows and the fireworks ones as I dont get a chances to go see fireworks much so its good to have photos like that^-^