12 February 2008

...we baked cakes and buns on monday as today we had a cake sale at university. we raised about eighty odd pounds which will go towards our degree show costs and that. i did get very excited at the thought of baking cakes and baked too many but now there are some tasty treats to eat with the all the brews we have. the ones in the picture above are lemon butterfly buns. they were very yummy. thank you to all who helped out with baking and selling and everything. we did a good job.
illustration wise i am going to look at the illustrated special collection at the university library tomorrow and then carry on with the doodling of the forty odd poems. my tutor has lent me a couple of books to do with 'font type' that graphic design people use for example as i have been writing words and in the same way for a while now. have a look at nina chakrabarti's work. she is an illustrator living and working in london. her lettering is beautiful. http://www.ninachakrabarti.com/

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natural attrill said...

Those butterfly buns look delicious!