31 January 2008

new new new...

...it has been longer than i planned but i am back armed with a little set of watercolours. i had to take a photograph before i unwrapped them! i have been a bit shy with the new sketchbook and instead been doodling and scrawling all over an A4 lined book. i have grown attached to it over the last few weeks as we have been doing a lot of research together for the dissertation which i prefer to call the essay as it sounds less scarier and easier to do. i think i like the lines as they seem to make me want to not write or draw on the lines. i don't feel restricted or bordered in somehow and just get carried away. i bet the person sat next to me on the train on Friday thought what the hell is she drawing slices of bread for? why is she giving them eyes? today i have been drawing with paint but really i should be splashing it around.

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natural attrill said...

That new paintbox! I love buying art materials.