01 November 2007

having fun...

...though i am still feeling so full of stress! i wish it would go away. here we have the first print from my very own silk screen! i used screen filler to paint the outline of the robot directly onto the screen. this blocks the silk and then in turn prevents the ink from going through onto the paper. it is a very fast way in which to do more freehand and experimental work. i usually work out all the layers and what i am going to print prior to going anywhere near a screen and use the photo-emulsion process to create my screens. i printed the robot outline using a colour i already had mixed up from the raindrops and printed a couple off. i didn't bother with a border but i think i will make a border round it later on. i also drew a quick alphabet onto the screen and painted it out using the screen filler. it kinda worked but i think i defo need to work on my lettering more. i also tried to draw some buttons as one idea i have for the robotington story is that he lost a button and the sewing mouse or lady is helping him find the perfect one. one with majical powers. i am allowed to spell majic with a 'j'. the word birds said i could.
new blog stars...

...introducing some new illustration blogs. Andy, Dave and Mark are on the same illustration course as me, Jen and Katie. please have a look at their work and if you fancy leave them a welcome comment or two.

Andy - http://www.moombaduo.blogspot.com/
Dave -http://djparkinson.blogspot.com/
Mark - http://m-d-penman.blogspot.com/

playing with lino...

...i started to move the printing cogs last week as i have been meaning to get back into printing for a few weeks now but the doubts started to set in and so i crumbled and hid away. me and Katie Lady got out the lino last week in artlab and i finally finished cutting it out last night. it takes forever. i made a big boo-boo and accidentally cut out some of his arm so i had to start again. i didn't have to but i did. above is just a simple one colour print out and i am going to make a register board and start reducing the print and layer up the colours. idea is to play with cyan, yellow, magenta and black. i have never done this before as i often just do simple prints so i am being a bit adventurous.

I have got my own silk screens now, two of them and i am finally going to do something with them this evening as they cant just sit there and collect dust.

Update on the robotington story. i think he has lost one of his buttons and goes on a mission to replace it hoping it will give him new super powers with help from the mouse who lives in the sewing box. inspiration are the buttons from the Knightrider car-KIT. classic.