30 October 2007

the face of judgement...
...it took a while but i feel i am back in the world of illustration. my plate is quite full at the moment. stress is not good and so i have cut the things on my plate into little pieces for the time being. seems to be working though i shouldn't speak to soon. some things have been sorted out and others haven't. anyway moving on to what this blog is about - so here we have a stitched collage of a robotington of which i am trying to write a story about. initial ideas are that he loves stamps and or would like to be a green grocer or something. another idea i have is that he has a fear of water and likes to watch telly until one day he discovers that water is fun and he can always wear wellies and carry an umbrella. he may also think he is allergic to water as he may rust but actually isn't and discovers the true potential of water! i haven't got a clue but my ideas have been running wild with this story over the past week. i have been making up dummy books so hopefully a story will take shape soon.
any ideas please feel free to add a comment!