24 September 2007

sticker power...

...today i set off with seventy six swimming fish stickers and thirty five swimming robot fish stickers and came back home with not so many. we set off about twelve noon sometime to go on a pub crawl with some people from the mister's uni and after that we decided to go to the graffiti event. we didn't turn up until late and so i missed out on getting a white space big enough for all the fish so i started sticking them onto a couple of the table tops. in time i picked up the courage to ask strangers to doodle faces on the blank swimming fish stickers and some people did and some people decided to ask why. i think thought that i was crazy. some people put a few stickers in their pockets and one person stuck a fish onto their t-shirt. one person called Stafford-i think-stuff faces from a magazine on to the fish which was pretty good idea and one guy took a few home to stick on his studio wall. i would like to say thanks to all who listened to me ramble on about the fish and that and also a big thanks to them who doodled a face. plus a big round of applause for the guys who organised the event.

i did manage to stick some stickers onto a pub wall!!! if anyone could tell me which pub wall i stuck them on, then a prize is in order! people who were with me at the time are not allowed to answer this question and this also goes for the barman.