17 September 2007


...here it is at long last. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5035468 It took me a while to get it going as i first signed up to open a shop in January! I am in the process of listing items at the moment but I couldn't’t bear to keep it under wraps any longer as this tip tapping of details is taking forever. I am planning to make my own banner in a couple of days time as for the moment i don't have the energy to as I have exhausted myself out trying to make a big batch of cards. As per the early post, the textile bits are all ready to be embellished with bits and bobs before being made into a card. my body requires a massage.

Please have a look and let me know what you all think. Ta muchli with a big hug, a brew and some chocolate hobnobs.

i am not a square...
...these two little fellows have been stitched on the classic aida cross stitch fabric. the little one looks like he is floating in the air and was the first one i stitched. i just kinda made it up as i went along and that is why he has a funny looking shoulder. they do follow the way that i doodle them and so are not anything special. i then decided to stitch one a bit bigger. well this is post number one hundred of this blog and i have to say that i thought i would have reached this number long before now but i think the work speed is picking up as i feel like i have found my mojo again. i think i get on best with work when i dont think of it as work.does anyone remember the apple flavoured mojo's? one penny sweets are classic.
just a little note-please do not copy this cross stitch pattern as it is my own design. the pidgeons will be watching you all.

teeny tiny stitches...
...here are some of the backgrounds i have been making for a big batch of cards i am making this week. in total i have made nine backgrounds, light blue, dark blue, purple, green,
gold, light pink, red and two slightly different white ones. the images above are only segments taken from each one i have created. They are each just abit bigger than A5 in size. me and the olde worlde sewing machine have spent many hours together this past weekend stitching away layer upon layer. it has taken me many hours and my eyes are feeling the strain. i am feeling hungry now as well. come back later on in the week to see what cards i have made.