09 September 2007

vroom vroom...

...people always seem to be in a hurry to get everywhere no matter where i am! i apologise for disappearing and not posting for a while but i flew off to Turkey for two weeks with the mister's parents. above is one of my favourite photographs from the holiday. i took this one while i was on the bus-i cant spell the correct name for them-dolmus? basically a little mini bus that packs on as many people as it can like sardines in a tin! i love travelling around on them. anyhoo so aye i went to find nemo in turkey but he wasn't to be found but i did find Mr Sunshine and we had a great time talking to each other while sat on the beach. i also did a lot of length swimming in the pool and i miss it so much so come Monday morning i am off to the aquatic centre to keep up the exercise. i read three harry potters and three other books on holiday, a grand total of six and for a while i think i thought i could do magic!

Illustration wise i didn't do a lot while on holiday as it was too damn hot but since i have been back i have been working away like clock house mouse but the scanner is not hooked up to the laptop as the mister is installing a new network system. I haven't done a lot but i am very pleased with what i have done.