17 July 2007

above my umbrella...
...are nine stormy grey clouds. they drifted in through the office window and demanded that i make them some new raindrops as they are all rained out and are running on empty. not what is a girl to do? send 'em out with no drops as i would like to see the sun for a few days or give her little friends some fuel? well i think the little devils will be getting some raindrops tomorrow after i have sewn at least fifty four of the raindrops together. the minimum amount so at least there is the option to give at least six drops to each cloud. i think i may give one at least nine drops i fnot twelve and see what it looks like. i am going to try and create something new this week as well. get the old doodle brain storm spider diagram going.
the pledge of work is going well although i ain't doing 2D work as such, i am still working at the desk of doom sewing away. i have been quite productive this week so far and it is only Tuesday. i have done some promotional work if you could call it that. more like a step in the right direction-trying to get the ladysnail name out there and get more involved in the art scene that is in and around Manchester.