16 July 2007

the box of backache...

...after sitting on the desk of doom for five days, I picked the box up and finished off the last few bits that needed to be done like the speech bubbles of nonsense and the all important where is it going to address. i made a couple of boo boo's but nothing that the fantastic tube of white paint couldn't solve. I really liked painting onto this cardboard surface though it did buckle a bit and it goes a bit bumpy if you put too much paint on to it. i have a bigger box still lying around the flat and may paint another one up or just find some flat cardboard. i think i like it because it is not the scary virgin white colour that you find in a sketchbook that looks like it demands some fantastic art work painting upon it. I hope it makes the post office people smile if and when they stop to look at it while it is on it's journey. Please note that Surrey is spelt as this...Surrey and not Surry. I saw someone write that on a box once.
I think i am going to do some lino cutting and printing for the rest of the day. I have said this for the past three days now so we shall see. Depends if I can be bothered to tidy up the desk of doom.