14 July 2007

on my little wall...

...there is a new addition. within this world of blogging i have made many friends and spend an hour or two looking at their work. above is a painting that the lovely mister bought for me from an illustrator called Marisa Straccia or madamebogg. i love the attention to detail with all the little lines and swirls and dots. please take a peek at her blog and etsy shop. i would defo recommend a spy at her work as it is amazing and inspires me every time.

multiplying by the second...

...maybe not so fast but the robotington family are growing slowly. here are all six of them together on a chair covered in cotton that had now been dyed some funny looking grey colour tonight! i will be making even more robotingtons this weekend/week and cracking on with the work now that i have made a very good start with it all. i haven't been feeling so good past couple of days as i have tried to do too much all in one go. the big robots 53 cm long from the tips of their feet to their antenna's. i love making the big ones and think i should eventually make an even bigger one some day-just need to locate super big huge massive buttons! i know you have seen these before but don't they look cute all together?