27 June 2007

haven't we seen these before...
...you may ask. aye you have seen a blue medium sized robotington before but not three grey ones! i have been fair busy with the robotington pattern and sewing machine. the sewing machine has asked for a week off. cheeky thing. i let it have three days holiday. these three robotingtons are waiting to see if they can go on a magical journey. i spent a while picking out their buttons and i am in the process of making three big robotingtons. they are waiting to be stuffed at the moment but i don't feel too well. i had to have a nap today as gordon brown sent me to sleep while i was watching the telly. i got a new sketchbook the other day so now i have got two on the go. the camera has been out and about as well and am taking that and a sketchbook out with me tomorrow after i have sat in and waited for the gas man to check the meter or whatever it is that they do that requires you to sit in all morning between the hours of 8am and 12 noon. do they not know i have to go wandering round town like a lost soul? i am getting there with finding my way round manchester.

new flatmates...

...introducing two new family friends. they joined us from Emma McCann's 'the yellow house'. i had my eye on these two lovely knitted monsters for a while and finally offered them a place to stay. i think they will like it in the office. I would recommend having a look at Emma's website, blog and etsy shop. the blue one is called One-Eyed Willie and the pink one is called One-Eyed Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina likes ice cream and chocolate so i think we are going to get on just fine. Willie likes loud music so him and the mister will be best buds in no time. i think the girls will live in the office and the boys can go live in the living room. best idea in the world and everyone is happy!