20 December 2007

Christmas in the home of a ladysnail...

...here is a picture of our Christmas tree. the first time we have had space for a tree in nearly four years! i think pumpkin who is our guinea pig doesn't like it as it gets more attention than her. she has been more vocal than normal though i think she is getting used to it now and all its twinkly lights. the bottom picture is of a Christmas pudding bauble that i made. i made one last year as the mister's mum has quite a few handmade decorations on her tree and they look beautiful. so this year at the Harrogate stitching and craft fair i bought some bits to make another one! i felt so relaxed while i was making it and it is one of my favourite Christmas decorations.


natural attrill said...

Like the pudding!!

natural attrill said...

Wow Deb, you are always so neat and precise, that xmas pud bauble looks fabulous!
Wishing you and your Mr. a very Merry Christmas.
Love P.x

Marisa said...

cool pudding bauble! I hope you had a nice christmas and have a great new year too! Manchester fireworks look fab!

clare said...

Happy New Year, Deb : )

The xmas pudding bauble is gorgeous, as is your tree.


Pea said...

Your Christmas looks like it was lovely Ladysnail! Glad you liked the pressie xx