15 November 2007

when i wasn't thinking...
...my brain actually works in a funny unconnected way with my drawing hand. this illustration was created one day at uni when i wasn't thinking about anything and it turned out quite good. i doodled with some drawing ink and a brush and some coloured pencil crayons. i am still working on the dummy books at the moment as i am changing the size of it all. please click on the image to see it in a zoomed in close fashion.
edited to answer a question from Catherine. photo etching is like a cross between etching and screen printing. that is the best way for me to explain it without me rambling on. it is where an image is etched into the polymer photo film layer that is stuck onto a metal plate.


Catherine said...

I love doodle-y pictures :)
The printed letters are great too, and the etched robot...(how do you do photo etching?)
Sorry I'm waay behind on reading your blog!
The craft stall looks fab. When in December is the next one?

natural attrill said...

I like this doodle too, and want to know when the next craft fair is, we might visit again.