07 October 2007

swimming without words...

...these here fish are on their way to etsy. this evening i have painted up three pages of dictionary paper from the good old faithful flea market book-one is not in the picture above. i know that one day the dictionary will run out. the guys at the flea market who run the stall we go to even recognise us now and i have put a request in for oldie worlde books. i did find one called 'goods of the grocer and provision dealer' from 1938 and it smells mustard-io. aye so these painted fish are going up on etsy at ten bob a piece with additional postage costs. they ain't speaking as per the normal fish as they are giving me the silent treatment at the moment because i haven't been doodling them much lately.

Please double click if you wish to see more detail. Ta muchli.

Final edit to say that these three paintings have sold now. they were like hot cakes-thanks to those who bought them and i hope you like them as much as i liked painting them. ta.


natural attrill said...

Hi Debs,
I love these, please can I buy trousers? let me know and I'll post you the money if that's OK.
I dont know if it's just cos of my age, but 'bob' means 'shillings' in old money to me, and therefore ten bob = 50p !! dont worry, I dont excpect to pay 50p, I think you mean £'s?!

Catherine said...

Deb, have you thought of making 3D fishes, like your birds and clouds? I reckon they'd be cool on a mobile for in a bathroom :D

ladysnail said...

hello cat. i made some 3d fishes in march using the printer fabric to make some ickle badges. i did print out some bigger ones but i havent made them up yet as with everything else they are on the big to-do pile!

thank you all for your lovely comments. they inspire me to keep working hard. dx.