30 October 2007

the face of judgement...
...it took a while but i feel i am back in the world of illustration. my plate is quite full at the moment. stress is not good and so i have cut the things on my plate into little pieces for the time being. seems to be working though i shouldn't speak to soon. some things have been sorted out and others haven't. anyway moving on to what this blog is about - so here we have a stitched collage of a robotington of which i am trying to write a story about. initial ideas are that he loves stamps and or would like to be a green grocer or something. another idea i have is that he has a fear of water and likes to watch telly until one day he discovers that water is fun and he can always wear wellies and carry an umbrella. he may also think he is allergic to water as he may rust but actually isn't and discovers the true potential of water! i haven't got a clue but my ideas have been running wild with this story over the past week. i have been making up dummy books so hopefully a story will take shape soon.
any ideas please feel free to add a comment!

10 October 2007

same old...

...same old. just thought i would stick up a picture of what the finished textile things look like in detail once they are in the front window of the cards as per the image in the post below. i super scanned in four random cards so that i could promote the cards on etsy a bit more as i think people who view the listing would like to see a close up of the card topper. i have been ironing arms and legs for the robotingtons. i am making up eight medium sized ones and six big ones. i was going to take a photo but the camera batteries decided to die on me.

outside of the craft world i am just working on research at the moment to do with screen printing and experimenting with how i can produce various marks and what not to create a screen. i am waiting for four books to arrive from amazon at the moment as the ones in the library are a bit out of date really and i need something that is more relevant and has got a bit of colour in it. i have photo copied some information from the one that the technician's use in the printmaking department for the time being. i feel like i have been on a right book hunt to try and find a screen printing book!

08 October 2007

....there are so many of them now and even more waiting to be put together! i have been making cards for about three years now and this is the first time i have made a super huge batch. it is easier to create say ten or more cards of the same design than to make two or three that are the same. some of these cards have the textile backgrounds with buttons on that i posted up a couple of weeks back. i use a variety of methods and materials to make them and they have sold well in the past-a good steady flow of customers but i am a bit worried as some are a bit plain now compared to what i have created before. i have listed a pack of five up on etsy and i am taking them to the craft market as well to sell as singular items or as packs. we shall just have to wait and see how they do. i am planning an experiment with screen printing to make some soon.

07 October 2007

swimming without words...

...these here fish are on their way to etsy. this evening i have painted up three pages of dictionary paper from the good old faithful flea market book-one is not in the picture above. i know that one day the dictionary will run out. the guys at the flea market who run the stall we go to even recognise us now and i have put a request in for oldie worlde books. i did find one called 'goods of the grocer and provision dealer' from 1938 and it smells mustard-io. aye so these painted fish are going up on etsy at ten bob a piece with additional postage costs. they ain't speaking as per the normal fish as they are giving me the silent treatment at the moment because i haven't been doodling them much lately.

Please double click if you wish to see more detail. Ta muchli.

Final edit to say that these three paintings have sold now. they were like hot cakes-thanks to those who bought them and i hope you like them as much as i liked painting them. ta.

03 October 2007

say hello to the desk...
...the desk that is either the desk of doom or the desk of delight. well there are two of them but one is the desk of distraction as that has the tinternet on it and the music and the ability to watch DVDs and what not on it. so here is the room that i will be eating, sleeping, breathing and working in for the next year of uni. it is very good to have a separate room to house my creative self and my mess but it don't half feel lonely working in here! i started back at uni last week. i have some work to do and i think i am set on doing children's books via the screen printing method as per usual. that is the plan. i also want to do books covers and artist books and other bits and that. plus i have the craft stalls to prepare for! yay! i was accepted and approved and i am so excited but scared about it all as i have never done a stall before. i have made so many cards that i dont know how many i have made anymore. i am just about to start up the sewing machine to stitch some robots before having a break to watch heroes. hiro is fab!