17 September 2007

teeny tiny stitches...
...here are some of the backgrounds i have been making for a big batch of cards i am making this week. in total i have made nine backgrounds, light blue, dark blue, purple, green,
gold, light pink, red and two slightly different white ones. the images above are only segments taken from each one i have created. They are each just abit bigger than A5 in size. me and the olde worlde sewing machine have spent many hours together this past weekend stitching away layer upon layer. it has taken me many hours and my eyes are feeling the strain. i am feeling hungry now as well. come back later on in the week to see what cards i have made.


Jennipeg said...

Aww these are great Deb, especially the blue one! But thats not suprising from me really. You've been busy in secret I see, it's all looking really good. I hope you are having fun with it all. X

oh and Im going find that t shirt this week, it's my new mission.

Precious Quilts said...

Lovely backgrounds! Very creative indeed:)