21 September 2007

how many...
...bloody fish? i have counted them and there are seventy six regular fish and only eighteen robot fish. these are some stickers i have been making since about six pm Wednesday evening. i am making them in the hope that i get some confidence to stick them somewhere on Saturday night as i am going to a graffiti event. people have questioned my sanity and have asked 'why haven't you just painted a couple, scanned them in and then printed a batch of them out?' well i had two plans, the printer method and the crazy method. i checked the price for printer label paper the other day in partners and i found out that it is not cheap. ok so its not breaking the bank either but i wanted a more traditional method of creating them so i thought it was time to put the crazy method into action and here we are nearing the final stages! all they need now are eyes and smiles that i might just do at the event with a Biro. aye i like a good old Biro pen. they might be wearing frowns then anyway. who knows what mood they will be in on Saturday night? plan for tomorrow is to paint a couple more robot fish and some speech bubbles similar to the ones i did on the mailmeart box. i am thinking i might leave some blank so people can write in them. also am going to tackle the blog banner and the etsy banner. two birds with one stone kinda thing.
a little note to all the Biro haters out there. the spellchecker wanted to give them a capital B so they must be important and worshipped. a Biro is a doodler's best friend and so is a mechanical pencil.


natural attrill said...

Thats really exciting, I hope you stick them somewhere good, will they be all together, or randomly dotted about?

I really like the bottom photo here, are they on a glass table? cos the shadows underneath look good. Would be great to see them stuck on a few layers of glass, one sheet behind the other, so you could see them behind each other as well as the shadows, make it look like a 3D shoal of fish. Sorry, blabbering on here, I will shut up now!

Marisa said...

Hello Ladysnail.
After sitting poised like a cat for several minutes, I finally bagged a treasury on Etsy. With the exception of one item, I have filled it with some of my fav UK softie crafters. Your robot toys are in of course! Penny mentioned on her blog that you had a shop. (In your hearted list, I am one of your secret admirers!! ha ha!)

Please take a peek! Plushie power!



mermaid_misk said...

Hey pretty lady!
Eeee this post had me laughing out loud, esp about what mood the fishys will be in and wroship the Biro. My sense of humor is odd maybes..?!

I love these they are gorgeous and i think they'll look great all displayed. xx

ladysnail said...

ta muchli fellow bloggers. i am glad you all like them and that i make you laugh. they were laid all over the glass coffee table penny. i think the layering effect would be good. mmm an idea? dx

MoombaDuo said...

Amazing!kudos to you for creating them all by hand^-^ I suppose its all the more sweeter when the event happens as you made them all with effort and time. Fly (swim?)forth fishies fly!^-^
Great stuff