22 September 2007

deja vu...
...you may grumble that the robot fish are nothing new but these ones in particular are new and are going on a very scary journey today. aye to the graffiti event and i am nervous as hell. i think i am going to stop breathing soon. me and the fish are excited but scared. they may not want me to stick stickers up or on whatever space there is but we shall see. i spent all morning cleaning the bathroom and phaffing around that i didn't give myself enough time to finish off the speech bubbles. i am taking the holy Biro with me to draw some of the faces on at the event or let other people draw faces on. that is if i dare ask them in the first place. i have given the job of official photographer to the mister as Joe the red robot called in sick. more like he is too shy to go out and meet new people but i can be as bad sometimes. we may even go on the Manchester magic eye later on tonight after weeks of saying 'we should go on that this Saturday, what do you reckon?' and the response is normally 'aye' but we never do.

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Celeste said...

I've been reading your blog for ages and don't think I ever realised you were in Manchester... or maybe I forgot.
Fantastic fishies, I'll keep an eye out for them.
Also thanks for mentioning the biog wheel, I didn't realise it was back.