15 September 2007

am not hooked up...

...the scanner is still not connected and the laptop is living in the living room at the moment. i am in the process of creating an online shop within the etsy community. this week i have been on various photo shoots and i have also started a new batch of cards. there are some fancy robotingtons in the making, some new grey ones and a couple of fancy fabric ones. whether they look good or not sewn up and finished is another story as they are yet to be introduced to the sewing machine. all is taking a very long time while i wait for paypal to verify my account and will post up all the details when everything is open for business.


Falafel said...

Hello Ladysnail I hope all your crafty things go well and your shop is sorted soon and these bank peeple sort themselves and I like the robotingtons and why don't you do hamsters too.

Lots of love and nite nite


natural attrill said...

I dont remember seeing your cards, wonder what they are like?

natural attrill said...

good luck with the etsy shop! I've just put a thankyou for the beads and wool on our blog!