06 August 2007

stitch in time...
...takes forever when you do tiny little ones that sometime question my eye sight about whether or not there are stitch's there or not! this is the result of today's efforts and i am very pleased with my progress. i did have a break to take a nap as i felt a headache coming on and i also took a break to make some very yummy stuffed portobello mushrooms. all in all a very good days work. the lino prints quite well on to the calico and i just need to start printing in different colours and attack the lino with a new design. also need to work on backgrounds as well but that is nothing new. i am totally scared about backgrounds and normally get round that idea with either wallpaper patterns or some blocks of flat colour.
Please click on the image to see the little stitches.


natural attrill said...

I clicked on the image to enlarge and saw all your tiny stitches in the different blues.
Lovely bird!

inspector_marmalade said...

oh that is adorable!, I love his tail its really cute and the colours are fab. great needle work as always misses it looks like he has teeny weeny feathers.

Jennipeg said...

These are looking great Debaroo. Your stitching is so pretty. It seems like were all loving the birds these days. X

clare said...

The blue bird is wonderful, and so is your tiny stitching. Well done : )


Catherine said...

They're so neat and tiny!