01 August 2007

a little friend...

...bob the bluebird flew right onto some aida cross stitch fabric and asked if i would like to make him look all fancy. i did some very quick doodles of birds this evening and decided to do a lino print. the paper prints did not turn out as planned as the roller wasn't dry and so made the paint abit more 'wet' and splodgey. i printed the design onto aida instead which seemed to work. some areas came out a bit faint but that was to be expected with the aida being uneven due to its weaved nature etc. i then attacked it with some threads and stitched on it for a few hours. quite soothing it was. he has no eyes yet as he is not quite finished. i am hoping to print some onto paper tomorrow.


natural attrill said...

I am looking forward to seeing him finished!
I love the texture of the print on the aida.

Marisa said...

I saw the WIP on the forum. It's looking ace. The texture of the fabric is cool.