06 August 2007

feeling blue...

...starting a brand new week with a fresh new dream. last week i was carrying some very negative thoughts about to do with illustration, to do with which area of illustration i would like to focus on. getting fed up with it all i decided to turn the emotional frown upside down so to speak. the plan now is just to start having fun with it all as if i don't things would only become much worse to sort out in the end. as long as the sketchbook is going in the right direction, i think the summer uni projects will work themselves out in the end. trying to unravel a big knot is difficult but rewarding so here we are with the first unravelling of the spaghetti ideas. i thought i would play around with the lino and finally got there in the end. i have forgotten how difficult lino can be to work with and the final prints were successful. i have tried to print them out using two colours kind of blended together but the roller wasn't rolling its best and was proving to be difficult to work with as well! rahhh! its not the operator of the materials, its the damn materials themselves! two little blue-turquoise birds. they are inspired by the birds i see outside of my window. pigeons, wood pigeons, heron, geese and the odd funny walking moor hen.

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clare said...

I love your blue birds.

I've just tagged you to post 8 random things - see my blog for full details.