14 July 2007

on my little wall...

...there is a new addition. within this world of blogging i have made many friends and spend an hour or two looking at their work. above is a painting that the lovely mister bought for me from an illustrator called Marisa Straccia or madamebogg. i love the attention to detail with all the little lines and swirls and dots. please take a peek at her blog and etsy shop. i would defo recommend a spy at her work as it is amazing and inspires me every time.


natural attrill said...

Seems to be a cardboard theme starting here, what with your robot fish on the box, and Marisa's painting.
I love my red girl by Madame Bogg too.

inspector_marmalade said...

debs! I want I want -goes to explore- xox

Marisa said...

Oh shucks! You guys have made me gone really blushy and a bit hot now. ha ha! Thank you