23 July 2007

nothing to show...

...i have no excuse for no new work as i have been reading. aye speed reading. normally i don't get caught up in the harry potter excitement and decide i will read the latest book when i want to but this weekend i found myself in waterstones on Saturday afternoon. i have been a fan-i would say a quiet fan since 2001 when i first discovered them in tesco's for £3.93 each. i have only ever read each book the once as i have two missing due to lending them out and they haven't been returned! naughty. anyhoo me and book number seven stuck together like glue until i finished reading it sometime around ten pm this evening. i think i would have finished reading it sooner but i fell asleep a couple of times. once on the Saturday and twice on the Sunday. i love naps. the mister told me that i fell asleep clutching the book. bless. me and books. i love reading.

i am hoping to get some work done this week.

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