08 July 2007

a new deal...

...on Saturday three musketeer's proclaimed, "all for one and one for all". no hang on a moment-three illustrator friends said, "aye i will handshake on this deal like to do a page a day in me sketchbook and post it up on that there blog so we can all check and make sure and see that the work is getting done". that is what happened and so now as of tomorrow i have to make sure i am getting some kind of actual work done. i have been doing odds and ends of things-mainly stitching and printing but nothing that says, hey what type of illustration do i want to get into or what do i want to do in third year? yesturday i bought a fancy moleskine in the hope of starting off some kind of superfastquick travelling sketchbook and i have two other sketchbooks of me own to tackle and four projects. i have been brainstorming and mind mapping for a couple of weeks now and have been collecting all sorts on my travels so i think i can come up with something tomorrow to show for a days work before midnight as the carriage will turn into a pumpkin if i don't. it will. i know it will. so if you would like please have a spy at these fab blog's. two fellow friends from uni. our Jennipeg and Katie lady.


the geese have come back. i saw 'em on the canal when we came back from the pub this evening. they haven't been around for the past ten days or so but today there was a heron/crane and some wood pigeons. the wildlife outside my window is amazing. eagle eye Marmalade Katie saw a rat last night as well.

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