13 July 2007

nearly ready...

...this box is nearly done now. i decided to outline the fish using a black biro as i think it is the best thing to use that wont smudge or blob should it get rained on etc while in the postal service. i am taking it to the post office tomorrow to get the labels put on it and that and then will bring it home to photograph before the actually posting. i wonder what the post office people will think when they see it.

i am feeling abit more mobile and flexible after yesturday though i now feel like i have caught a cold. i got some cough mixture, strepsils and nytol stuff so i am full of medication at the mo. whether it works or not is another story. i need to find a doctor in manchester!


natural attrill said...

I am sure it will brighten up the post office peoples day!
Hope you feel better soon.

inspector_marmalade said...

look at all the fishes! thats great hon! are you going to be putting anything in the box? the biro works well I didnt even notice (see I look first read later lol) xoxoxvbjwjsur