10 July 2007

from yesterday...

...a box painted with white fish and white robot fish. this is what i managed to get done yesterday and what i meant to post by midnight. i had the scan all ready to post up but the problem was my Internet connection. aye the Internet supplier as per normal got some earache from the mister and apparently there was a problem across the whole of Manchester. i never got round to finishing it yesterday as my neck and painting arm gave out about eleven pm. originally i made a template of swimming fish for a bigger box but i then decided the box was way too big to tackle in day. this one is having the blue-turquoise colour painted on to it at the moment and i will scan it in again. i decided to tackle my to-do list as well as the uni summer projects to help me with the pledge of work a day thing. i think this box is going to have to do as two days work as tonight i am off to play squash and take a break. i think if i haven't have decided to paint an under layer of white to lift the blue colour off the cardboard i would have had the box done in a day. this box i will be sending off to the mail me art project.


natural attrill said...

I like this! looking forward to seeing it with the blue.

You have been creating such diverse and lovely work Ladysnail.


inspector_marmalade said...

Oh no not mail me art! I keep forgetting about that! bugger... after Ive done those t-shirt things remind me again ok? lol I need to print off loads of to-do lists n leave them everywhere so I might get something done for once. are you fish going to be saying things to the postman, like "hello mr postie, please dont drop this box, its full of miss ladysails imagination.."