23 June 2007

on Stevenson Square...

...we found these today while out for a wander in Manchester. i remember that i saw one of these painted up as a robot in April and was disappointed but happy to find these today. there is a lot of graffiti in this square. there are two big rectangle slab type wall things and so i took some photographs. the one above and below are on the same wall, one of the front and one on a side is the best way to explain it. the top one has the name Laurie Pink and http://www.veryworrying.com/. i have not visited the website yet. the one below i think is maybe by the same person. i cant make out what i wrote down in the sketchbook. the mister was being a bit unhelpful at the time though he did make sure i didn't get run over by a bus while i was taking photographs! Edited as I have been kindly informed that the totum pole artist is Barney Francis.

these next three below were on the other rectangle wall. i don't know why i only took photographs of only three sides but i did. these had the name Eight vs Ghost Patrol. Edited to say the correct names are Mr '8' Bit and Ghost Patrol. i really like these and the ones above. there is another wall in between these two big rectangle wall slabs with graffiti on that i took pictures of and that but i think these five i prefer and like the most. especially the big blue monster thing.

The big blue monster thing,s rightful name is Little Ronald. He was painted by John McGee who has a website here http://www.rememberthelittleguy.com/ I have been back to Stevenson Square since i took the photos to show friends the artwork there. someone or sometwo have since spray painted or regular painted a feather and a hand print on Ronald.


Anonymous said...

I have to keep my eyes peeled in manchester I havent seen any of these. They are very cool!

Rememberthelittleguy said...

Hello, i have to confess for painting the big blue monster... I really liked the robot too, i did send the original artist an email in which i apologised for painting over his work. I then got a reply saying it wasn't him but thanks anyway!

The totem pole was by a great guy called Barney Francis and the other couple of panels were done by the magical Mr '8 Bit' and 'Ghost Patrol'.

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

Take care of your good self...

Marisa said...

I'm going to Manchester next weekend for a hen night (Lord help me... I'm NOT dressing up)! I shall keep my eyes peeled. They look great!

Your fishes are dead good too (as always).