27 June 2007

new flatmates...

...introducing two new family friends. they joined us from Emma McCann's 'the yellow house'. i had my eye on these two lovely knitted monsters for a while and finally offered them a place to stay. i think they will like it in the office. I would recommend having a look at Emma's website, blog and etsy shop. the blue one is called One-Eyed Willie and the pink one is called One-Eyed Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina likes ice cream and chocolate so i think we are going to get on just fine. Willie likes loud music so him and the mister will be best buds in no time. i think the girls will live in the office and the boys can go live in the living room. best idea in the world and everyone is happy!




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inspector_marmalade said...

Hmm I'm not sure I should be allowed back to your place debs, one of those little fellows might go missing hehehe ^_^ I need my pocket money so I can go blog-shopping!