30 June 2007

lady Katie's birthday...

...it was inspector marmalade's birthday the other day. this is what i painted for her as a present. the dictionary page has the word marmalade on it and a little conversation about her dancing to candyman by Christina whatsherface. i like painting on these pages though sometimes the pencil doesn't draw too well on the paint. i think gouache may work better but i don't like gouache that much as it is kind of has a funny texture about it that i cant explain. i am hoping to get the paints out again this week. i have found an art shop in Manchester-yay and i have found another haberdashery type place in one of them big department stores that might do for now. i got some more small paintbrushes and what i consider a big thick one for a change. i like dinky like paint brushes. i find making up simple conversations interesting and fun. i admire the simple humour of the royle family that used to be on telly.


Chris.P said...

It works for me without the gouache.

natural attrill said...

I am just catching up with blogs, havent been here for a while, you have some lovely things, especially the robots!
I like this fish page, the way you have personalised it for your friend.
Also noticed Toby's bracelets, thanks for linking us, and just saw his earlier comment about himself!
Will visit again soon.