19 June 2007


...i am a new addition to the robotington family but i am moving away tomorrow to live with a new friend of mine. i am very special as i have been created as a birthday present and there is no other robotington quite like me. here i am sat on the sofa. i started life as a bright white piece of cotton and she hand dyed that with some grey cold fix dye stuff that she said was a nightmare to work with. then she left me for a bit while she phaffed around and i had a long comfy sleep for about three weeks or so. in time she got herself organised and started making me yesterday. she drew me out and ironed me edges in but it took her three attempts to sew one of me arms. i think the sewing machine has had enough of sewing twenty four seven. she took her time with sewing the rest of me today and only spent about fifteen minutes picking out the buttons. i have a sparkly blue twenty five number on me graph bit-i think that is to do with the birthday thing she told me about. it was very nice to meet you all and i hope i get to meet some of you soon.

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