29 June 2007

from the archives...
...well from the second year work and from late last year, here are the four box canvas screen prints that i never took a picture of or scanned in to show you what they turned out like. i put up various photograph experiments and i think the etching prints. at the time i didn't really know i was going to do with these screen prints and i went fair overboard when printing the screen. i printed on to all kinds of fabrics and different coloured and types of paper and the 'Andy Warhol' inspired idea came about very last minute when i was looking back upon what i had done in the print room and thus as a result there is only one set of these prints. i put them into the artlab Christmas exhibition and they helped to raise money for two greyhound charities. i think i would like to work with other charities/organisations in the future and do similar illustration work that would help them in some way or another.

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