05 June 2007

connection issues...

...due to our Internet supplier being totally pants, we have no Internet for yet another week! i am going mad as i cant update this blog, look at others and browse the web of the world to my hearts content. aye i can kinda do that on the uni computers but its not the same plus i cant upload any pics really or spend ages phaffing around on the net. i have been busy with stitching together the last of the teeth plush's - all seventeen of them! i have some cloud plush's as well and some screen prints of raining clouds to share. until then you will have to use your imagination! plus i am going to end up going mad if i cant find a haberdashery sewing shop place in manchester.


natural attrill said...

Hope you get internet sorted out soon! when you do, have a look on our blog, Toby has posted your tooth there.
Hope you are happy in your new place.

natural attrill said...

What a pity about your internet!
I hope your move went O.K., and that you find a sewing shop soon!

paula said...

ooooh Ladysnail, I forgot you were moving house too! I completely sympathize on your stresses and lack of internet!!!

I moved about 4 weeks ago now, and still have no internet in our house - sob! It makes you feel so cut off from everyone, I practically half live at the library using their internet, but it's not the same!

Catherine said...

17 teeth! Thats nearly a mouthful isn't it? :) Looking forward to all the pics when you get online.
I'd try the market in Manchester, most towns have at least one fabric/haberdashery stall and I'm sure Manchester will have even more. :)

Marisa said...

Oh crikey. I would go crazy without the internet. I hope it kicks back into action soon!!

ladysnail said...

the internet is back! thanks for all your comments and lovely warm wishes. i think i may have found a shop in the m3 postcode area which is good news. the trouble is getting there and back without getting lost even with a print out of a map and directions! trust me it has happened. dx