12 May 2007


...these are some of the results of a screen-printing session i did this week. the original project was back in march sometime. i never made it to the screen-printing stage as i did hours upon hours of scraper-board work and as a result i had some kind of repetitive strain injury. i had a claw like hand, a very sore achy arm which felt like my muscles had been ripped apart and a bad neck and back. i returned to the work and made up several screen-printing options on the computer. aye i am using the computer but it will be a secret of some kind that i prefer using it now. wasn't too keen before. here are some prints, one of three options/ideas that i created which i printed onto different paper. the others were simple one layer prints and these are made up of two layers. i don't know if i like them that much as they are quite simple but then again they are effective and very striking i reckon. they would stand out if they were on a book stand and i think people would be drawn to them. i think i hinder myself at times by thinking things have to be complicated.

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