17 April 2007

the usual suspects...

...these little wanderers were found on the scanner. they had lost their way to where ever they were going and i am in the process of giving them a home in my sketchbook. originally i had created this guys for the mail me art project but i have decided to stick them in with the doodles to see what they have to say for themselves. i have printed them out on to the fantastic linen computer paper to create some badges and some plush type things. i am hungry now and need to go in search of food.


mermaid_misk said...

I adore your fishys Deb, cant wait to get the book off Holly Rose so i can see them in the flesh! (and introduce myself to each one) x

Marisa said...

Linen computer paper!!
I've never even heard of this, but sounds like a dream. Wossit like?

And plushie fish will look fantastic too!

natural attrill said...

aren't they cute!! I love the way you've done the scales, whenever i try and draw fish i always get them wrong!