27 April 2007

screenprinting silhouettes...

...i love screenprinting. i think i like it even more now i have learnt how to create my layers using illustrator. once i had my main image down on paper, it didnt take long to work out and sort out the layers. it was super quick though a bit confusing at times. i would have spent hours colouring in and sorting out the layers via a photocopier or by hand and all that. since the digital elective i do have a bit more respect for using a computer to help you with your work. i suppose there are advantages and disadvantages. i will be screen printing on monday so will have something to show then. they will be the traditional ladysnail fish colour. that turquoise mixed with some white. the regular fish have no scales though as per the dictionary paintings and sketchbook doodles as i ran out of time and would have made the layers abit fiddley to create on the computer. plus i didnt have loads of time to make the scales look good and as precise as i would have liked or wanted. i thought about a scaley pattern layer but that can be planned for later if i dont like how this screen printing run turns out.


natural attrill said...

I like your sillouette fish.

ladysnail said...

thanks penny. hopefully it will turn out the way i think it might.